Our communities of friars in Ukraine, Poland and Romania are currently very busy offering refuge and humanitarian aid to people fleeing the conflict with Russia and in helping families that have been hard hit by the violence of the war. Through your help we will be able, in St. Anthony’s name, to help women, men and children find a safe haven, meals, clothing and health care. Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine and need all our help. Help us to protect them!

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  • You will assure a warm meal to 2 families fleeing the war

  • You will assure clothing to protect from the cold 5 children fleeing the war

  • You will be donating warm blankets to 5 families in difficulty

  • You will be assuring warm meals and clothing to 5 families fleeing the conflict in Ukraine


The conflict currently raging in Ukraine has compelled hundreds of thousands of people to flee from their homes and cities. They are fleeing in order to reach bordering countries in the hope of finding salvation. Through your help we will be able to help women, men and children find a safe haven where they will also find food, clothing and medical assistance. There are hundreds of thousands of people who are leaving Ukraine and need all our help. The time has come for us to share so that no one may be left behind. Every offering is important because it will become bread and hope for those experiencing these difficulties! Will you help us?
St. Anthony’s heart will become your heart. St. Anthony’s hands will become your hands. Thank you.

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Your continuous commitment is fundamental.
Thank you for your decision: to be able to count on precious and certain resources allows us to plan our activities much better.

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