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  • Assure Assistance to the Disabled and Unassisted Elderly

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  • Assure Meals to Children from Needy families

  • Assure Meals in Soup Kitchens


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  • Assure Every Month Assistance to the Disabled and Unassisted Elderly

  • Assure Every Month Meals to Children from Needy families


After the health emergency we must deal with the economic one. People lack work, many families are struggling to put bread on the table or give their children the opportunities they deserve. Many “new poor”are knocking on the doors of our friaries or are writing to for help.
This is a time for sharing so that no one will be left behind. We Franciscan friars are supporting families in difficulty, the homeless and soup kitchens wherever they are. Every day we donate to the poor everything that is entrusted to us from generous people. Every offer is important because it becomes bread and hope for those in difficulty! Will you give us a hand?
St Anthony’s heart will be your heart!
St Anthony’s hands will be your hands!
Thank you.

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